The Survivor

Flexible real-time tools such as Unity provide the user with the ability to create interactive digital content. The Survivor is a video game created as part of a final project in the MySuccess Game Designer course at ICE Malta Institute.

The project was completed in approximately two months, from initial inception to final implementation, followed by play testing. The objective of this task was to practice the functional and design components of creating a video game, switching between designer and developer thinking hats. This included level design, game logic, development and defining game conditions.

Art and animation for character models were imported from the Unity Asset Store. The game was submitted as a prototype due to the scope and limit of the assignment. The following criteria were implemented –

  • Level Design
  • Player Movement
  • Lighting
  • Win\Lose Conditions
  • Enemy AI
  • Collision Detection
  • User Interface
  • Menu Creation

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